Sweat as Biomarkers in Harnessing Vital Signs

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In this modern time, scientists and researchers have taken an interest in developing health trackers and portable health monitor devices wherein they are now starting to change how the medical industry works. They are now trying to tackle how to utilize sweat on assessing the physiological factors of the human body. This might also help determine how well medications, or diet and nutrition, function in certain people in order to manage health issues.

Evaluation of Body’s Condition through 


health detector through sweatSweat, or also known as perspiration, is in charge of processing the regulation of the body’s temperature. When body temperature gets high, the brain signals the body to sweat. The sweat glands – the special glands in the skin – will then start to release sweat. Sweat is made almost completely of water, with tiny amounts of other chemicals like ammonia, urea, salts, and sugars. Surprisingly, the small amounts of molecules and peptides contained in sweat can tell what’s going on inside the body.

There are a variety of chemical biomarkers in human body fluids that carry vast amounts of information linked to health conditions. For example, sweat contains biomarkers that indicate conditions such as lung infections, depression, and tuberculosis.


Healthcare Breakthrough with Portable Health Monitors

linktop health monitor pinted circuit boardHealth monitoring devices can have the possibility to change the healthcare setting through continuous monitoring and assessment of an individual’s physiological conditions. The advancement of the said technology and growing demand from consumers to take control of their own health has influenced both the medical industry and technology companies.

The All-in-One Health Monitor is an ingenious and portable health tracker that features multiple innovative sensors. It lets users calculate their body temperature within seconds with an IR Sensor on the side of the device. The said model connects with your smart phone through Bluetooth which allows the user to measure, store and share their data.


Keeping Your Health in Shape with Handy Health Trackers

senior happily checks health with linktop health monitorIt is very important to track one’s vital signs for the reason that these measurements are taken to help determine an individual’s overall health and well-being, provide information about potential illnesses, and demonstrate progress towards recovery. It is important to invest in a comprehensive portable health tracker device, like Linktop’s All-in-One Health Monitor Device wherein it can deliver a baseline data in assessing the condition of the body.

Its user-friendly feature can work on multiple clients through the given mobile application. This can help you and your family track your medical health records that you can also use for future references since it can store monthly and yearly health data.

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